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In order to achieve more sustainable and resilient societies, Nature-Based Solutions are an important topic on the EU Research and Innovation policy agenda. The ThinkNature project is part of Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and has received funding under grant agreement No 730338.

The objective of the ThinkNature project is the development of a platform that supports the understanding and the promotion of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS).

NBS are defined by the EU as solutions that are ‘inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience. Such solutions bring more, and more diverse, nature and natural features and processes into cities, landscapes and seascapes, through locally adapted, resource-efficient and systemic interventions’ (source: The EU Research and Innovation policy agenda on Nature-Based Solutions).

“Nature based solutions is about working with nature, rather than against it.”

“Nature-based solutions are designed to bring more nature and natural features and processes to cities, landscapes and seascapes.”

“Nature based solutions support economic growth, create jobs and enhance our well-being.”

“Nature based solutions are about building with nature instead of building in nature.”

“Nature based solutions combine natural processes, ecology and engineering in order to achieve societal goals.”

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2 weeks ago
Productive progress meeting of the ThinkNature consortium in Brussels #naturebasedsolutions https://t.co/S6mjldpZ42
1 month ago
An excellent illustration of how #nature can be a #solution to the challenges our #habitat is facing! Do you have any similar illustration examples! Share them with us on social media or on the ThinkNaturePplatform! https://t.co/1syUByFasY #water #costal #cities #flooding https://t.co/aCOGTlqpoP
GlobalChangeEcology @GCE_UAntwerp
Which of these little @LEGO_Group people would you like to be? #naturebasedsolutions for secondary school students. @UAntwerpen https://t.co/QJBZh41nTe
2 months ago
ThinkNature was happy to attend the Urban Agenda meeting in Bologna. We formulated actions how to integrate #naturebasedsolutions into new policies as part of the urban partnership for the Sustainable Use of Land and Nature Based Solutions. https://t.co/8NnxupE5GY
2 months ago
Interested in #territorial dynamics? Curious if #photography📷 can be a tool for territorial analysis in coordination? Join @urban_reports @Deltametropool and @jaapmodder in visualizing the transformation of our contemporary #landscapes🌅🌉 @NL_Fotomuseum https://t.co/tsSwZTvasj https://t.co/jkrT2Y9IlP
2 months ago
Do you need to highlight the #benefits offered by #greeninfrastructure inside your #city? Have a look at this chapter from a handbook developed by #GreenSurgeProject. The remarks are complementary to the work on #naturebasedsolutions
https://t.co/4dqDwiVUQ6 https://t.co/k4TuOebNIx


18 hours ago
New piece by our very own @JaneCStout speaking about urban #naturebasedsolutions: Could a paradise city ever come about? https://t.co/HeQToyKyJ9. Nice photo of the @helixpflanzen @TurasCities Mobile Living Room too! @TCDnatureplus @TCD_NatSci @TCDSocialInnov @tcddublin
18 hours ago
Hey| Did you know today is #WorldWaterDay? @NAIAD2020 is a #H2020 EU project that is focused on #Floods #Droughts and #DRR through #naturebasedsolutions. Follow us in https://t.co/joylPU5Mzu
18 hours ago
#naturebasedsolutions 4 #water is the theme of the #WorldWaterDay💧 & we are excited to have celebrated this day with our #WGmeetings that are all working hard towards the realisation of the @wsstpeu #WaterVision2030 & the recognition of the #ValueofWater! #WaterSmartSociety https://t.co/qCoOuung2r
18 hours ago
On #WorldWaterDay, we recognize 10 Water Resources Users Associations in Kenya now equipped with @KiwashProject training on climate adaptation & managing sub-catchments. #NatureBasedSolutions.
18 hours ago
China is integrating #naturebasedsolutions w/ built infrastructure to design #waterwise cities that absorb water when there’s too much and stores it for #reuse when there’s too little. #Kunshan joins China’s other #SpongeCities. Read story https://t.co/XNXhTSJgQI #WorldWaterDay https://t.co/ckANXZbeoW

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The ThinkNature Platform brings together multi-disciplinary expertise on Nature-Based Solutions. By joining the platform it becomes possible to ask questions, view case studies and share strategies.

The stakeholders on the platform are categorized in four climatic zones:

  • Continent region
  • Mediterranean region
  • Northern temperate region
  • Oceanic temperate region

The dialogues are structured along four topic lines:

  • Enhancing sustainable urbanisation
  • Restoring degraded ecosystems
  • Developing climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Improving risk management and resilience




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