ThinkNature Brainstorming Forum and the Symposium on Indicators for Transformative City Innovation with NBS

Place: A Coruña, Spain

Date: May 16-18, 2018

We are honored to announce that on 16-18 May 2018 in A Coruña Spain, the ThinkNature project in cooperation with Connecting  Nature project will host the ThinkNature Brainstorming Forum and the Symposium on Indicators for Transformative City Innovation with Nature-based Solutions. 

The forum will reflect on the latest information on NBS applications in cities in an open and interactive format and will build on the outcome of the current NBS EU programme The event will bring together business representatives, scientists, academic experts, policy makers and end users from municipalities, local and regional authorities.  Over 100 delegates from the EU Member States are expected to actively participate.

The Forum will:

  • Identify relevant NBS examples and assess their potential
  • Identify barriers faced in the use / implementation of NBS
  • Explore the possibilities to scale up successful NBS projects
  • Facilitate the collection and sharing of knowledge on NBS
  • Scale-up the NBS awareness and understanding at regional, national and EU level

The participants can expect to:

  • Learn from demonstrated good practices worldwide.
  • Share their experiences on what worked and what did not in the cases they were involved.
  • Identify synergies and ways of working together.
  • Meet and network with other relevant stakeholders in the field to discover NBS.
  • Be part of a key EU policy development and feed into concrete recommendations for European and international action.
  • Discuss and understand priorities for different regions.
  • Identify research gaps and how to tackle them.

On this occasion, the ThinkNature project will also lead another clustering event dedicated to EU projects working on Nature-based Solutions. This is part of the umbrella role that ThinkNature has on improving collaboration and synergy for all projects on Nature-based Solution funded by the EU H2020 program (Eklipse, Inspiration, NAIAD, Nature4Cities, Naturvation, Biodiversa, URBAN Green-UP, Unalab, GrowGreen and Connecting Nature). 

Stay tuned! More information will be available soon on our website and social media.